Affymetrix GeneChip Microarray Assays

Affymetrix sets the standard for genome-scale gene expression analysis. GeneChips are available for human, mouse, rat and many other species and measure the expression of up to 47,000 genes per assay.

Visit the Affymetrix Products web site for more information about GeneChips and assays that are available.

The Affymetrix system performs 12 independent gene expression measurements for each gene, providing highly statistically-significant data. The GeneChips contain numerous controls for the quality of cDNA synthesis, hybridization and processing steps.

ATG full-service Affymetrix analysis includes preliminary consultations, assistance with experimental design and quality control of the RNA samples and all the intermediate steps through production of MIAME-compliant data.

The basic costs for full-service analysis are $500 to $750 per sample, including the price of the GeneChips. ATG also provides more extensive data analysis including production of publication-quality figures for additional cost.

We strongly recommend that all users contact the ATG facility staff before beginning their genomics experiments. We can provide information about the number of replicates that are required, how the DNA or RNA samples should be prepared and what the total cost is likely to be. A few minutes of discussion may save weeks and many dollars later.

Technical Director:
Gavin Pickett, Ph.D.
CRF G-21
Tel: (505) 272-0680

Jason Byars
CRF G-21
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Senior Technical Staff:
Jamie Padilla, M.S.
CRF 118
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Jennifer Woods
CRF 121
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Faculty Director:
Scott A. Ness, Ph.D.
Professor, Internal Medicine
Office: CRF 121; Tel: (505) 272-9883