Real Time PCR (QPCR)

Real-time PCR is a highly sensitive and highly accurate means of quantifying particular RNAs, and is especially well suited to validating microarray (e.g. Affymetrix) results.

Real-time PCR requires specially designed PCR primers that can be used with a fluorescent dye (SYBR Green) or a combination of two flanking primers and an interior primer linked to fluorescent tag and quencher molecules (Taqman probe). These probes are available pre-made and pre-tested for most mouse and human genes.

Real-time PCR can also be used for measuring Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs, or for specialized assays such as alternative RNA splicing assays.

The ATG Facility performs quantitative real-time PCR assays in 384 well plates, which saves reagents and sample.

Please contact the ATG Facility staff for more information about assays and pricing.

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Gavin Pickett, Ph.D.
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