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Genomics Research and Resources at UNM HSC

This is the home of genomics and bioinformatics at UNM HSC, with links to the major faculty focusing on genomics and bioinformatics, meetings to attend to share and learn about genomics, statistics and bioinformatics and links to important resources for conducting genomics and bioinformatics-related research.

For information about genomics or bioinformatics at UNM HSC or the UNMCCC, please contact Scott Ness (sness@salud.unm.edu)

Monthly Bioinformatics Meetings

Several UNMCCC labs with a focus on genomics and bioinformatics participate in monthly meetings designed to build interactions and collaborations. Others are welcome to join.

Find out more about our monthly genomics and bioinformatics meetings.

To present at these meetings or for more information, contact Kathryn (Charlie) Brayer (kbrayer@salud.unm.edu)

Funding Opportunities and Announcements

NHGRI Funding Opportunities Page

Other Sites for Genomics Information

National Human Genome Research Institute

The Cancer Genome Atlas - Cancer Genome - TCGA

USFDA Table of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers in Drug Labels

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center