Analytical and Translational Genomics Shared Resource

KUGR personnelATG is available for use by all researchers at UNM and affiliated institutions.

Location: CRF 118 and CRF 124

Shared instruments available Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 5 pm

(other times may be available by special arrangement)

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The Analytical and Translational Genomics (ATG) Shared Resource (formerly Keck-UNM Genomics Resource, KUGR) provides access to next generation sequencing assays, microarrays, and other genomics technologies coupled with expert bioinformatics analysis. ATG is available for use by all faculty at UNM and its affiliates, and all investigators are encouraged to contact ATG to find out how we can help with their research.

Bioinformatics Team

New Developments:

  • ATG now offers exome sequencing, RNA-seq and ChIP-seq assays utilizing the Ion Proton sequencer.
  • ATG is a Certified Service Provider for Ion Ampliseq Exome Sequencing using the Ion Proton sequencer.
  • ATG now offers a variety of next-generation sequencing assays that utilize the Ion Torrent PGM instruments.

ATG is primarily a provider of next-generation sequencing services using the Ion Proton and Ion Torrent PGM instruments. Major services include
List of Services:

  • RNA-seq for differential gene expression, analysis of alternative RNA splicing or detection of fusion transcripts or chromosomal translocations.
  • Targeted sequencing of large gene panels (Ion Proton) or small gene panels (Ion Torrent PGM), for detecting driver mutations or known disease-causing variants.
  • Exome sequencing using the Ion Proton, for detecting germline (inherited) mutations or copy number variant (CNV) detection (e.g. LOH).
  • Epigenetics assays such as ChIP-seq, MeDIP-seq or Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) using the Ion Proton.
  • Other assays may also be available, please contact us for details.Scott

ATG has a complete Affymetrix system including two automated hybridization/fluidics stations and a high-resolution GeneChip scanner with autoloader as well as a suite of specialized instruments for the analysis of nucleic acids. The services include:

  • Affymetrix 3'-Expression Arrays: The standard gene expression arrays use up to 22 probe sets per transcript to measure the abundance of the 3'-ends of up to 45,000 well-characterized and less characterized transcripts.
  • Affymetrix SNP Genotyping: By measuring up to 2,000,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms distributed throughout the genome, these arrays are designed for whole genome association studies. The Affymetrix SNP 6.0 arrays can map genetic loci and can detect loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and changes in copy number.

ATG can also perform a variety of quantitative, real-time PCR (QPCR) assays including:

  • TaqMan SNP Assays: ATG uses high throughput real time PCR (TaqMan) assays to measure single nucleotide polymorphisms in human samples. This assay is appropriate for measuring a few or a few dozen SNPs per sample.
  • Real Time PCR: The ATG Facility staff is highly experienced and can perform real-time PCR assays for UNM laboratories. These assays are ideal for quantitative measurements of gene expression and for detection of human SNPs using commercial assays.

ATG has a team of bioinformatics experts for data management and analysis and can work with the Bioinformatics Shared Resource for complex analysis scenarios.

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Technical Director:
Gavin Pickett, Ph.D.
CRF G-21
Tel: (505) 272-0680

Jason Byars
CRF G-21
Tel: (505) 272-0675

Senior Technical Staff:
Jamie Padilla, M.S.
CRF 118
Tel: (505) 272-5564

Jennifer Woods
CRF 121
Tel: (505) 272-3464

Faculty Director:
Scott A. Ness, Ph.D.
Professor, Internal Medicine
Office: CRF 121; Tel: (505) 272-9883